University of Copenhagen

Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen offers one
fully funded PhD position on Data-driven Learning, Optimization and Control
of Pharmaceutical Production.
The PhD position concerns adaptive learning and control of complex
stochastic processes arising in pharmaceutical production to maximize the
production yield of such processes. This involves learning dynamics of the
stochastic process and devising adaptive algorithms to maximize the
objective, capable of achieving a near-optimal performance in the long run
and of adapting to process variations. To this end, the project uses and
advances methods from machine learning, (deep) reinforcement learning, and
adaptive control theory. The project will be carried out in close
collaboration with Novo Nordisk, a leading pharmaceutical company in
Denmark, thus offering a unique opportunity to work with real-world
production data.
The PhD position is planned to commence on March 1, 2021 or as soon as
possible thereafter. Detailed information regarding the position and the
application procedure can be found at:
Application Deadline: *December 15, 2020*

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